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Digital publications for a progressive employment marketplace

Global employment behemoths Monster invited us to work on their Flexible Future campaign materials which makes sense of how employers are responding to the changing world of work and various demands of employees.

Working with the UK team, we brought a distinctly Great British flavour to the international messaging, refining tone of voice, illustrative style and graphics. These were applied to a series of e-books and animations.

In addition, we created clear and accessible infographics to help deliver complex messages and developed a flexible template that can accommodate a variety of technical information.

"I found the process from brief, to draft, to revisions, was pain-free and efficient. We listened to each other and Monster got a high-quality end product ahead of schedule. We're now discussing many other projects across different media. Having access to a team of experts, coordinated by a single account manager, is invaluable. I've no hesitation in recommending Jason, Keri and all team at Group of Seven. We're excited to work with them now and in the future."

Rod McMillan, Marketing Manager, Monster UK