Pretty little planner

December 1, 2016

Yes, yes, we’ve heard the rumours that digital is taking over the world and no one reads anything on paper any more. But there’s always an exception to the rule, non? Enter stage left this beautiful mini masterpiece created for our friends at Colston Hall. How could you resist its bijou proportions (the Kylie of seasonal guides, if you will), its come hither colourway and – most important of all – its page after page of you’d-be-foolish-to-miss-it shows?

We brought the baby-sized Pocket Planner into existence some four years ago, when Colston Hall armed us with the task of creating something that could hold details of all their upcoming shows in a pretty, portable package. Visitors would flick through its pages and feel educated and inspired to pick up the phone, pop into the box office or (go on then) go online to book tickets.

Thusly commissioned, we went away and created a neat little product that followed a strict format while giving the client just enough flexibility to have fun with one-off shows, festivals and events. (As an aside, we also write all the show copy.)

The planner has changed little during the time we’ve been working on it – testament to the efficacy of its template, the efficiency of its writing and the elegance of its design – and neither has the thrill we feel when the printed product lands on our desk.