Find Your Film

November 2, 2016

Bath Film Festival – the annual event serving up a smorgasbord of challenging, funny (haha and strange), groundbreaking and forward-thinking movies – celebrates its 26th year. Huge congratulations to Holly and the team for continuing to push boundaries and deliver such a wonderful roster of cinematic treats. It’s been great to work with BFF over the past few years to manage their print publicity – not least because we’re all huge film fans at TGOS HQ. We think there’s an art in getting as much information as the festival needs into such a compact programme, but we think this year’s is the best yet: great imagery and some extremely provocative content. We’re sponsoring Tickled, which The Guardian described as “a lighthearted inquiry into the world of ‘competitive tickling’ [that] ends up somewhere much darker”. Go see it at the Mission Theatre this Friday 4 November.