Are you responsive?

January 5, 2017

You may have heard a lot of talk about responsive websites, perhaps from a technical whizz who’ll throw in a sentence or two about pixels, grids and browsing habits. While your natural response might be to glaze over and think about what you’re having for tea, it would do you and your business a world of good to take heed.

Take our client Asian Arts Agency. Late last year, we pressed on them the importance of making their site mobile and tablet responsive. Let’s be honest, we hardly need to point out that people have developed a rather passionate relationship with their mobile device of choice. However, we like to deal in hard facts, so we gave them the same advice we’d give to any of our clients:

  • Google uses mobile friendliness as a ranking signal [translation: if you site doesn’t work on a mobile device, it’ll slip down the rankings]
  • Searching on Google’s mobile site outranks desktop searches worldwide [translation: most people will find your site by Googling it and most people will do this on their mobile device]
  • More users browse the internet on a mobile rather than a computer [translation: if your site doesn’t work on a mobile device, your potential customers may get frustrated, spend less time on your site and go elsewhere]

They took our advice and gave us the go-ahead to reconfigure their site, making it mobile responsive on all devices, from the smartest of smartphones to the titans of tablets. A gentle nip-tuck to the templates by our creative team meant that the site looked great and was glitch-free for browsers on the move.

And you know what, this relatively simple piece of work made the world of difference: website visitors spent 55% longer browsing Asian Arts Agency’s responsive site than in the previous month.

That’s pretty compelling stuff, no matter what you might have planned for dinner tonight.