All mapped out

June 13, 2017

Think Colston Hall and what springs to mind? The exciting programme of world-class performers, almost certainly. Its shiny foyer building, highly likely. But what about its music education hub, Bristol Plays Music? While you may not be immediately aware of this inspirational, educational charity, if you have a child of school age, chances are it will touch your life at one point or another.

Ahead of the Hall’s transformation, the team asked us to produce a detailed, interactive map of Bristol that would help illustrate the breadth and depth of work BPM and Colston Hall carries out with schools and partners around Bristol, from Avonmouth in the north to Withywood in the south.

By clicking on each ward area, you can see the how many times people from your area have visited the Hall, the schools BPM is working with, the hours of tuition taught to children in those schools and even what instruments they’re learning.

It makes for fascinating reading and reveals just how influential and inspiring the Hall is for a wide range of people living in Bristol.