A good year

February 21, 2017

To paraphrase butcher the words of the great thinker William of Ockham (he of Occam’s razor), the simplest solution is usually the correct one. He’s not wrong, particularly when it came to our approach to Colston Hall’s celebratory 150 campaign. To commemorate the great Hall turning 150 in 2017, we were asked to create a one-off logo that would be used across all their marketing platforms and collateral. We looked to the existing brand assets to find an elegant solution, producing a flexible and memorable marque that worked in all formats. Of course, we had to let loose a little and this simple marque gave us plenty of opportunity to have fun with the associated imagery and get the Colston Hall logo moving. Atmospheric digi boards celebrated landmark moments in the Hall’s history while a short sting reflected Colston Hall’s well-earned reputation as a forward-thinking and progressive brand.